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The story

This is NOT just about a rocket. The team behind this project are traveling 1000’s of miles to participate in the launch, but why?  

keenan campbell

A dreamer from a young age growing up with a father that invented electronic packaging equipment.  Keenan has always had a passion for electronics and technology, spending 8 years designing advanced power generation systems for US military vehicles. Keenan also had a long history of public service as a 2nd generation firefighter. Keenan’s analytical and problem-solving personality led to a career as an emergency manager. Merging technology and public service makes for interesting and rewarding career. When Keenan is not working he enjoys driving his Jeep across the country to visit friends and live stream rocket launches.

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John Pretto

John hangs the toilet paper “over” and squeezes the tooth paste tube correctly & puts the cap back on! Additionally, he runs with scissors, leaves the fridge door open, leans back in his chair and doesn’t wait 30 minutes after eating to go swimming.

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Vienna Tran

Vi is an aspiring space doctor and recently graduated with her degree in medicine at the University of Adelaide. In collaboration with DLR and the UK Space Agency, she is researching the use of artificial gravity to mitigate hip muscle loss in space. Vienna is the online, Live host for the broadcast of the OH SPACE Rocket Launch. 

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Tláloc López-Watermann
New york

Tláloc is the founder of Light Conversations, LLC, a lighting and video design company based in New York City. Tlaloc regularly collaborates with stage directors Crystal Manich, Copeland Woodruff, Dean Anthony, JJ Hudson, and James Marvel. He has also designed for directors Ned Canty, Timothy Nelson, Tomer Zvulun, Andrew Eggert, Beth Greenberg, Corinne Hayes, and Sarah Meyers.

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David brady
New York

“David Brady emerged unscathed from mosh pits of the 80s Hardcore Punk scene in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Educating himself at both School of Visual Arts and New York Institute of Technology he obtained a BFA in Media Studies. Curiosity and a desire to continue learning he then pivoted and developed into a seasoned IT and Media Professional over the past 30 years. He has a penchant to elevate others ahead of himself, a passion for foreign films and a preference for imported beer.”


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just JACK

Jack is a veteran who served 15 years in the US Military and has transitioned into the private sector. In his professional life he is a Security Advisor. During work from home he found Office Hours and started the Overland Discord Channel (ODC). Jack is an avid outdoorsman and Veteran Advocate encouraging outdoor exploration and experiences for Veteran’s living with PTSD and other injuries. Jack will be onsite in a Security and Logistics Support Role and capturing drone footage.

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schy gleason

Schy Gleason is Executive Producer extraordinaire on this project. Experienced in video, TV, Feature Film and stage production and post-production work, including directing, producing, and project management. Tell us a story Schy! 

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tuomo kulomaa

Tuomo Kulomaa, Founder of SPX Graphics Tuomo is both a graphic designer and a geek with broad experience in various creative and technical roles in broadcast television, spanning a quarter of a century.


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Chris fenwick

Chris Fenwick has a 35 year history of creating broadcast television and corporate video projects that started years before even owning a computer. As a broadcaster and an early adopter of what we used to to call “desktop video”, Chris brings a unique perspective to what we now do everyday.

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