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The rocket

Listed below are the details of the project.

the kit

The rocket is the Wildman Rocketry’s “Ultimate Wildman.” I chose this kit because it is a 98mm based rocket, and all fiberglass with through the wall fin construction. 

the motor

The motor will be a Cesaroni N2200 Pink. 

The Cesaroni Pro98 line of reloadable rocket motors, CTI pioneered cross-brand compatible reloads that fit and are industry-certified in both ProX and RMS hardware. Each reload is supplied with o-rings that allow the reload to be used in either brand of hardware, giving you more reload choices and saving you big bucks in the process. 


The rocket will sport an AltusMetrum TeleMega as the main altimeter+GPS+Telemetry and a MissleWorks RRC 3 as the back up altimeter.


The Telemega flight computer will transmit live telemetry data down to the ground via 70cm HAM radio frequencies to a Yagi antenna. That system will be connected to a Blue Tooth ground station. We have written custom parsing scripts to interpret the live data and render it on to a web page adjacent to the live video feed. We will receive several live datum including velocity, altitude, GPS, temperature, etc. 

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